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 Vehicle Tracking System India mumbai Indian gps

Vehicle Tracking System

  Cellular operators gps receivers SMS Vehicle positioning system SMS modules Technology:
There are 24 satellites available in space and it is guaranteed that at any given time, there will be at least three satellites available anywhere under the sky. HawkEye computes its present location based on this. GSM technology is used to transmit this and display the geographical position of the vehicle at the base station.

Vehicle Tracking System Configuration:
The vehicle tracking system is completely modular in design. It is made up of 2 parts: The Mobile Vehicle Unit and The Fixed Base Station

Mobile Vehicle Unit:-Vehicle tracking systems
1. GPS Module
2. GSM Module
3. Controller Module
4. Storage module (optional)
5. Display/Entry module
6. Additional Sensing modules (temperature, accident, speed, etc.)

The Vehicle Tracking System unit is configured around a main Controller module, which executes the software to configure and control the GPS receiver, GSM module, and (optional) IO Ports. This unit is to be fitted in the vehicle, with appropriate GPS and wireless antenna.

The GPS receiver detects the position and provides it to the Controller module. The Controller module converts the received data and sends it to the central station using SMS.
    Optional Features:-Vehicle tracking systems
  • Messages received from the Central station can be displayed on an LCD and the driver can send messages from a keypad.
  • The Controller can also handle input output ports to continuously monitor the health of the connected attachments and in the event of misuse or alarm, information can be transmitted to the central base station instantly.
Vehicle Tracking System india GPS module indian global positioning system Mumbai Fixed Base Station:-Vehicle tracking systems
1. GSM Module
2. Web Server

The Base Station allows a client to view his vehicle on a Geographic map. Multi layer in-depth maps of each city are available and the position (Vehicle tracking systems)of the vehicle is displayed on these maps. The Base Station has an in-built Web Server. The position (Vehicle tracking systems) information received from each vehicle is stored in the database. To view the location of a vehicle, a client must log into the web server and specify the vehicle id. He can view his vehicle as long as he is connected to the site. We are the sole Hawkeye GPS manufatures in India Mumbai


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