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We believe that the best products and services fall to pieces without proper support from the company that produces them. At Quantum Designs, it has always been our policy to provide our customers with the kind of support, that gives them the confidence to get the maximum benefits from our products and services. Rapidsite Technologies is a company with similar ideals.

Quantum Designs: Support

Web-based Support:

Once you approve the final design for your site, we publish it, but you havent seen the last of us yet! We are always available to update, modify and maintain. We re-register the whole site with search engines everytime a change is made.
Should you chose, we can also take on the responsibility of being your web-master.
We constantly review the products and services we provide and we de-bug and update them at regular intervals.
Quantum Designs takes care of all technical aspects of web hosting with a team of engineers and programmers skilled in HTML, PERL, JAVA, JAVA SCRIPT, C, C++, ACTIVE X and Assembly language.
Our team of designers, programmers and imaging specialists are dedicated to supporting your venture into cyberspace and making it a success.

Support for Telecommunication Design & Pre-press Digital Imaging:

At present we provide design and consultation for select clients. Our personalised service and support ensures mutually beneficial relationships and we do not plan to expand our clientele at this time.

Rapidsite Technologies Support:

In our own experience, Rapidsite Technologies has always provided us with unbeatable service and support. Their state-of-the-art equipment, competitive pricing, guaranteed up-time of 99.5%, and power and data backup systems, make them the No.1 Internet Presence Provider in the world. Rapidsite Technologies currently hosts over 43,000 domains and has dealers in 127 countries. To retain their competitive edge, they provide :

  • 24 hour Technical support.
  • 99.5% uptime-guaranteed!
  • Uninterruptible power 
  • 24 x 7 network operation center 
  • 40 Terabyte tape archives
  • 24 x 7 multilingual support
  • Accounts set up within a few hours
  • Domains registered within 24 hours


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