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A Description of the Rapidsite Plans Available:

Personal Plan
The RapidSite Personal Plan is targeted to small volume accounts, including personal home pages and very small businesses. It is our most cost effective way to establish yourself on the Internet.

Domain Pointer+ Plan
In addition, we are renaming the RapidPointer+ plan and adding the word 'Plus' to the name.2MB of disk space for each POP3 e-mail, Unlimited e-mail forwarding to a default address, 5 POP3 e-mail accounts, 10 Mail Forwards, 1 Autoresponder.

Professional Plan
The RapidSite Professional Plan is targeted to low traffic web sites, including corporate presence sites and home pages for individual consultants and small businesses.

Corporate Plan
The RapidSite Corporate Plan is targeted to medium traffic corporate presence sites and entry level commerce sites.

Commercial Plan
The RapidSite Commercial Plan is targeted to high traffic corporate presence sites and medium traffic commerce sites.

Enterprise Plan
The RapidSite Enterprise Plan is targeted to very high traffic corporate presence sites and large scale commerce sites.

High Volume Plan
The RapidSite High Volume Plan is targeted to extremely high traffic web sites and is a cost effective alternative to purchasing a dedicated server.


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