INDIA GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM INDIA (AVL):- Automatic Vehicle Location,(AVM)Automatic Vehicle Monitoring, made in Mumbai Bombay Indian ,Vehicle Tracking System, Mumbai Bombay Indian India global positioning system india GPS made in India module indian Vehicle Tracking System mumbai
INDIA GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM INDIA GPS (AVL)Automatic Vehicle Location,(AVM)Automatic Vehicle Monitoring, made in Mumbai Bombay Indian web site designer web designerss web page designers best web designers

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Vehicle Tracking System India mumbai Indian gps


Global Positioning system - GPS

Global positioning System India Mumbai gps Module SMS Vehicle positioing Unit Cellular operation
Global postioning system (GPS) Technology |  Vehicle tracking system Configuration

Please click Here to read Mr. Quentin Desouza interview On 'GPS GSM SYSTEM' with the EXPRESS COMPUTER ONLINE Issue dated - 5th July 2004

The HawkEye solution is based on (GPS) Global positioning system , GSM and Internet technologies. The GPS receiver captures position data from the satellites, computes the position of the vehicle and sends this information to a central base station, using SMS. This information is collected by the built-in web-server at the base station. If the optional storage module is installed, then location data can be stored when the vehicle is out of range of the cellular operator and retrieved later.

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The Hawkeye is an Automatic Vehicle Locator System, which uses the GPS, GSM and SMS technologies to enable businesses to keep track of their fleets of vehicles. Tractors provided with GPS guidance systems are used for accurate ploughing,harvesting, spraying insecticides and fertilizers on specified areas, location and tagging of soil samples etc. The GPS triggers a pre-recorded speech to be played automatically, when a tourist spot is reached. The Hawkeye hardware unit consists of GPS and GSM (GPRS can replace GSM) modules and proprietary embedded software and hardware. It is compact and rugged, built to withstand the vagaries of the weather and rough terrain. We are the sole Hawkeye GPS manufatures in India Mumbai


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