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What is the standard procedure for moving a domain name?
Why do you need my username and password?
What is a DNS?
What if my e-mail address at Network Solutions is no longer valid?
How do I Register a .IN Domain

What is the standard procedure for moving a domain name?
It depends on where you purchased the domain.  If you purchased the name from Network Solutions, we can just submit a quick modify note. You will need to respond to their confirmation e-mail and it will be changed in about 24 hours. With other Domain Name providers, we can take your username and password for your account and manually change the DNS settings on their website. You can do that for yourself if you prefer and we will supply the DNS settings for your server.

Why do you need my username and password?
So we can access your account at the Domain Name provider. If you prefer to do it yourself, we can provide you with the settings for your site’s new server. Many of our clients are designers and have several domain names in any given account.

What is a DNS?
It stands for Domain Name Server. It is the server that knows exactly where your site is located.It will send any browser to your site from just the URL they type.Otherwise, you would need to know what the IP address of the server is and instead of typing in you’d have to key in a 9 digit number.

Why do I need to respond to an e-mail?
The Domain Name provider needs to know that you are indeed trying to move your domain.They have learned over the years that there are unscrupulous people who might try to move a domain without your knowledge.

What if my e-mail address at Network Solutions is no longer valid?
There is a fax method for changing the DNS settings. Below are detailed instructions on how to Modify a domain via FAX at Network Solutions. They have special form you must fill out, print, sign and fax to them. If you fax anything other than their special form, it will be rejected.
  1. Note your InterNIC Tracking Number:NIC-XXXXXX.XXXX (which we will provide)
  2. Once you have a tracking number fax the InterNIC directly using their online form as a starting point. Please visit: You will need to supply your domain name, phone, email, your name, along with your InterNIC Tracking Number

    Note: when typing in the domain name into the form, DO NOT include a "WWW." as part of the domain. Doing so will cause the form to display a blank page instead of the proper form results.
  3. After you click the "Process" button, it will present a page of text that you should print from your web browser. Sign and Fax this document to the InterNIC with the fax number given on the form. Do not sign the fax as "Individual" or anything to that effect. Your title must be "Owner" or something to that effect.
  4. Do NOT send your fax to that fax number recommended on the form. This number is too busy. Instead send your fax to (703)-742-9552. On your fax write "attention: Fax Team" Also please fax a copy to Coastline at 805-964-9901 so we can confirm it was done correctly and can assist you if necessary **
  5. Sometimes you need to call Network Solutions and ask them the status of your fax in case they have not processed your fax for some reason. You should give them at least 3 business days between the time you send the fax and the time you call them. Their voice number is 703-742-4777 (on the east coast of the US). Their phone number is almost always busy the whole day. Keep trying.
  6. Take note of the fax number you are sending to, the fax number you are sending FROM (your fax number), the date you are sending the fax and the time of day. When you call Network Solutions to ask them if the domain transfer process has been completed, this is the first set of information they will ask you.
NOTE:  You will have to fax this document on company letterhead. The fax will be ignored if you do not include some form of letterhead of your domain's organization.

Typical problems people encounter during this fax procedure:
  1. You MUST have the printout be on company letterhead. Otherwise they will discard your fax and not call you. The letterhead MUST be the same as the registered owner of the domain. If you do not have any letterhead, just fake it. If you don't know the official name that your domain is registered to, please use the domain search at The search will give you the owner name & address of your domain.
  2. If you plan on sending your fax in on plain paper instead of letterhead because you don't have a company name, stop what you are doing and please see step A. If you don't follow step A, your domain WILL NOT TRANSFER.
  3. When you sign the fax it asks you a title. Never use the title "Individual" or anything to that effect. They will immediately reject your application and not call you. You should instead use a title like "Owner" or something to that effect.
  4. If you call Network Solutions you MUST know the day and time you sent the fax, the fax number you sent itto and the fax number you sent it FROM. Without this information they cannot help you at all.
How do I Register a .IN Domain
The National Centre for Software Technology (NCST), now redesignated as C-DAC, is the designated authority for managing the country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) .IN for India as assigned by InterNIC (now IANA). NCST discharges this responsibility in the capacity as the Domain Name System Registrar.
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