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In India Quantum design Mumbai ( Bombay ) offers at affordable prices professional web site designs, we also offer complete e-commerce solutions or business solutions with complete graphic design creating award winning websites. We are a company of web designers, graphic artists, webmasters, search engine promotion consultants, e-commerce specialists with a large range of website development tools, web designer resources, we also offer web designing tutorials, e-business and marketing tutorials Some of the web-based services we offer are:


Involves a lot more than creating an attractive looking advertisement. The Internet is an electronic medium and text and images need to be specially prepared for web-publishing. Here are some of the ways we make you look good :

Netizens will access your website using a variety of platforms and browser configurations. Data and images sometimes get jumbled or lost when accessed by hardware/software that is not able to display them properly. Before publishing your pages, we test them using the popular configurations, so that most viewers will see them the way you want them to.

"Time", as they say in the Crystal Maze, "is the enemy". If your web page takes too long to load, the average netizen will abandon it and skip to the next site. There are ways (besides being hosted on a fast server!) to make your web design pages load faster ... and we know them.

We help you structure the information on your web site so that people will find what you have to offer without getting lost or frustrated.

We can create games and advertising gimmicks which will keep netizens coming back to your web site.

Depending on the type of Rapidsite plan you opt for, we can set up these features for you :

  1. e-mail accounts make business communication efficient and cost-effective.
  2. auto-responders send out automatic replies to customers queries.
  3. the cgi-bin allows you to put up a form and collect information or orders.
  4. the chat feature allows you to chat on-line, in real time, with personal or business contacts anywhere in the world. This feature is useful for clarifying orders etc.

We can achieve the image you want to create by the skillful use of web page layout, graphic design, illustration and animation. If you chose, we can enhance your website with Real Audio and Real Video.

The Internet has no boundaries, but netizens do follow certain unspoken conventions in creating content for web sites. We would be happy to put our experience at your service to create a site with universal appeal.

Clients are required to provide images and content for their websites. We provide creative inputs, design and hosting. Our expertise is in our knowledge of the internet as a medium of communication and our use of internet technology to build successful internet brands.
All images and content on websites designed and hosted by us are provided by our clients. Each client is responsible for the images and content used in their own website. Quantum Designs cannot be held responsible for any copyright violations, and cannot guarantee the legality of the images or content used in clients websites and hosted on its servers.


The cost of designing a site will vary with your requirements and objectives. Factors that are taken into account include the actual amount of time spent working on the site, the number of pages and programs.

Once your site is launched, we can offer you a maintenance contract. This includes:

  • Text updates (within limits) - .
  • Registration with Search Engines.
  • Critical Analysis of Site-traffic.


We undertake a number of activities to promote your Web-site.

  • Registration with Search engines : makes your site visible to anybody searching for information about your product/area of expertise on the Internet. For example, we were amazed to find a dealer for IC's in our city, when we had thought we would have to get in touch with the manufacturer in the U.S. Doing a search on the Internet cut down on our costs of communication and transport, as well as on delivery time!

  • Advertisement banners on other sites with high traffic can point to your site. We would undertake to locate and buy space, but the actual costs will have to be borne by you.

  • Domain Name Registration with InterNic: we handle the formalities involved in registering your domain. This means that you can have your own Web address or "domain name". The actual invoice from InterNic will be forwarded to you for payment.
COMPARE if you will, the cost of a complete Internet site, including charges for hosting, web designing, maintenance, updating and advertising to the cost of an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine. You will find that you have a struck gold. Your Web site will run 24 hours a day, 8 days a week, 365 days a year in Cyberspace. Your paper advertisement will be thrown into the garbage in a day. So don't you think you should.....CONTACT US NOW ?


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