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Any company considering a site redesign needs to take into consideration their search engine marketing strategy before they build their next generation Web site. Pre-planning can boost successful search engine visibility from site launch which will save substantial time and money long-term.

YOU want to increase Website income and lead generation...

YOU want your website to EARN for you...

YOU want to save on expensive media and press campaigns...

Then know your search engine positioning, chief competitors, keyword traffic potential, website traffic generation strengths and weaknesses, and effectiveness of links to your site.

We analyze your Website and give you specific recommendations on what to do to inrease your traffic, income and lead generation. We use different programs to gather data for analysis....AND We guarantee a first page ranking on all major search engines to our clients.

Our work is based on our continuous study the Search Engines and we use our own specially formulated techniques to rank our clients sites in more top positions than anyone in INDIA. Clients who have gained from our success are ORCHID, RODAS, TEXTAN, SOUTHERNBIRDWING, COMARTLITHOGRAPHERS ETC.

Name of Site Keywords Ranking
www.orchidhotel.com 5 star hotels mumbai Ranked 1st
www.orchidhotel.com Hotels near airport Mumbai Ranked 1st
www.orchidhotel.com online reservation mumbai Ranked 1st
www.textanchem.com Leather chemicals suppliers Ranked 1st
www.textanchem.com Baby food formula Ranked 3rd
www.textanchem.com Poultry feed additives Ranked 1st
www.comartlithographers.com Prepress services india Ranked 1st
www.rodashotel.com Boutique hotels mumbai Ranked 1st
www.quentind.com GPS india Ranked 1st
And many more

We have ranked our clients for keywords of their choice on all the major Search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Hotbot, Rediff, Indiatimes, AltaVista, Lycos, Overture etc,

FACT: There are over 1 billion Web sites listed with search engines. With all that competition, how will your customers ever find You even if your site is the most hi-tech, beautiful and informative one in cyberspace???!!!? We at QUANTUM DESIGNS have the solutions!

Here is a case study.

With our promotions, ORCHID is listed on the first page of any search engine. The website gets an average of 3 lac hits per month, out of which 800 are visitors to the reservations page. We have seen that around 147 actually materialise. We have actual data to back up these figures.

Professional search engine placement will help you

  • Protect what you’ve built
  • Lead the field faster
  • Gain a tremendous ROI
  • Minimize your risk
  • Get the results you need
  • Do it all cost effectively

The Internet abounds with advice on Search Engine Promotion. What is not widely known however, is the rate at which Search Engines change their rules for ranking. Consistent success requires continuous study and monitoring. We work hard to guarantee your that your site is placed within the top 10 on the search engines. After signing up with us, our clients have seen a remarkable increase in the business their sites generate through the Internet. Do contact us for more information on the Search Engine Optimisation services we can offer you.

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