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Web Programming

Our web programming team has many years of knowledge in developing web-based projects in India. Quantum Designs can assist you in accomplishing your online strategies. Our professional web programming team consists of web developers that make sure your brand is appropriately represented. We work on a project-to-project basis so that you can profitably deliver your online projects. Our method is flexible enough to work with your varying requirements. We ensure that your website is up-to-date and consistent. Our web programmers are well versed with the important programming systems. We develop valuable solutions, which help our clients to capitalize on the output of their website. QD is not only able to create websites and graphics but also programs that will run it.

Our Competencies Include

  • Perl
  • PerlScript
  • CGI
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • XML
  • CSS
  • SSL
  • Flash
  • Linux
  • SQL
  • MySQL
  • SQL Server

We have formed scripts that vary from shopping cart and shopping cart add-ons to user tracking systems and "contact us" forms. So whatever your needs we are sure to help you out. All our services are done in-house and are never reused on any other client's websites. Our services allow you to have a dynamic website. The complexity of a website requires firm understanding of advanced programming languages and Internet technologies. Therefore QD is your best choice! in Mumbai (Bombay)

QD excels in providing programming solutions to your business requirements. All of our programming is tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you have the full product specification or only the business concept, we can turn your concept into reality. We will analyze your project into actuality and realize your goals.

Our verified step-by-step methodology helps us retain accurate development schedules and documentation of development:

Project Initiation

In the first phase a financial for the project is created. A project plan is prepared which includes

  • Objectives, Scope
  • Strategy
  • List of required deliverables
  • Tasks to produce deliverables
  • Skills for each task
  • Techniques used
  • Estimate of time and effort
  • Details of risk
  • Plans to resolve risks

Project Execution

In this phase the development team is involved in developing the web application according to customer requirements and design made by the team. It includes:

Requirement Analysis

  1. System maintenance and administration.
  2. Customer interface

High level design

The purpose will be to design the overall functioning of the proposed system and finalize the input and output formats. Documentation is required.

Low level design

The purpose is to produce a detailed design of the modules/units based on the high level design. Specification of each module/unit should be documented.


In this phase, modules should be built by using outputs of the low-level design.

Quality Control

Several tests and validations should be carried out to check the functionality of each module.


Test should be carried out from the client's point of view and it should be based on the pre-defined acceptance criteria. This stage is very important as it helps to make the modules very "user-friendly". Tester should make the module standardized.

Warranty and Maintenance

The problems resorted or the changes requested by the client should be resolved and this should be followed by acceptance phase.

Project Completion

This is the final phase of the project. It is a critical stage as it deals in obtaining feedback from the client on whether all their requirements have been met. At this stage the project/product should be completely turned over to the client.

Thus QD is your best choice!

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