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RapidSite Netwwork

RapidSite's Network Operations Center is built with the following infrastructure

Fast Internet Connections

RapidSite servers are connected to the Internet by multiple fiber optic T3 lines to three redundant and diverse Internet backbones (UUnet, MCI, and Sprint). Additional redundancy and diversity is gained from dual building entry points and multi-homed central office provisioning. We use high performance Cisco 7505 Routers and Cisco Catalyst 5000 switches to route data through our network. Our systems continuously monitor backbone performance and automatically send IP traffic down the shortest path using the Cisco BGP4 protocol.

High Performance Servers

Rapidsite uses dozens of high performance, multi-processor Silicon Graphics Origin200TM Servers running the IRIX operating system and Apache Web Server software for the ultimate in speed and reliability.

RapidSite Servers serve over 20,000,000 hits a day!

Reliable Back-up Systems

We take extra steps to ensure the reliability of our service. Our systems are protected with UPS battery back-up and a diesel backup power generator to keep us up and running in the event of a power failure. A 40 TB (terabyte) robotic archival system by Storage Technologies provides daily back-ups of customer data.

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